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If you aren’t so sure about how to clean leather boots, the following tricks and tips below that you will read about should certainly help you out if you are someone who prefers to take more of a DIY approach to doing things. When cleaning leather, you want to go about it the right way in order to successfully remove stains and scuff marks that would otherwise be difficult to remove.

If your closet is full of various different types of shoes that consist of being made out of the leather material, then it’s important to know what more you have to do in order to keep those leather shoes lasting for many years to come.

Now let’s move right along to the steps that you should take to get the best out of how to care for leather boots.

Removing your laces

The laces on your leather boots can get quite dirty over time, and especially these are laces on leather work boots that you wear regularly. You will want to remove or replace these laces depending on how dirty or frayed they are.

Removing Dirt & Debris

You’ll want to use a brush meant for leather material or a micro-fiber towel to remove any dirt or debris from the surface of your boots.

Cleaning with soap

For this step, you will need some lukewarm water and gentle soap, like dish soap. Gently wipe the soap from the boots.

Wipe the Soap off

You will need a separate cloth from your soap cloth that is warm and damp to gently remove the soap from your boots.

Warm soap water is the best leather boot cleaner. It works very well for removing stains and scuffs that you have on your boots.

Boot Conditioner

After you’ve finished with the cleaning of your leather boots, you should add a conditioner meant for leather boots to protect your boots from the stains as well as to add a nice, clean shine to your boots.

Let your Boots Dry

Once you have finished with the conditioning of your boots, it’s time to let them dry in the open air. However, you do not want to let them dry in the sun or with the use of heat because it could cause fading or cracking in your leather boots.

Another method for how to clean leather boots when you get stains on them.

Grease and Oil Stains

When you get grease or oil stains on your leather boots, then you can put some baby powder on the stain spot. Work with care by softly gliding the powder into the desired spot, using a cloth that is damp.

Let it sit on the boots for about 3 hours, or you can leave it sitting overnight.

When the time is up, wipe the powder off of the stain using a soft towel.

Removing Ink

You can dip some cotton or tissue into some acetone, which is used to take nail polish off or medical alcohol to blot on the stain. Do not rub it onto the stain because it can cause the ink to smear.

Just continue to blot the stain gently until the stain is gone.

When finished, wipe the spot with a soft towel.

How to clean Scuffs

When cleaning scuffs on your leather shoes, it doesn’t take an expensive product to do so. You can actually take the product that you use for brushing your teeth to remove scuffs; that’s right, toothpaste works just fine for removing these horrid streaks on your leather shoes.

You can use a micro fiber cloth and add some toothpaste to that; then gently work the paste into the leather. As you gently buff your shoes, you will start to see this scuff mark disappear. Before you know it, the scuff will be completely gone.

The good thing about cleaning your leather boots is that, as you can see, many of the products that you are able to use to clean them with are products that you will most likely already have on hand.

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